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Beyond Social media: Discovering the dignity of silence

 First published as After social media in Republica daily During my teenage years, I craved attention and recognition from people. Some of my memories of plus two years include being fed up of an insignificant existence in this overcrowded world. There used to be bouts of a suffocating feeling that I will live and die just as an insignificant average citizen…

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Decoding the Adityanath’s Rise in Modi’s India

Bharatpur, Nepal. In what was variously termed as referendum on Modi’s performance so far or the guide to the 2019 general elections, the BJP has triumphed in recent provincial polls including in the most populous and politically significant state of Uttar Pradesh (UP). With that, a ‘rabid Hindutva ideologue’ and a ‘firebrand’ leader, Yogi Adityanath, will now rule UP. What…

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Nepal: How a rogue newspaper got away with journalistic murder

On June 2, 2016, I did a detailed story on my blog on how one newspaper from Kathmandu was doing journalistic murder in broad daylight. Few days back, a court acquitted the accused on whom a ‘guilty’ verdict was passed by the daily after the CIAA filed a case against them. What does this speak about the status of accountability among…

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Abstract: Nepal trapped in politicized and failing institutions: A study of judiciary, a constitutional watchdog and police

Jiwan Kshetry Abstract: Inclusive political and economic institutions are now widely accepted as the prerequisites for fostering innovation and promoting economic expansion thereby helping creation of wealth and escape of societies away from poverty. The countries across the world have achieved mixed success in dismantling the erstwhile extractive institutions and installation of the inclusive ones. Nepal, located between China—a country…

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In the darkest depths of solitude

In the darkest depths of solitude, there lies a humble picture of yours: a glimpse of light comes and goes, then remains the pervasive darkness. In the darkest depths of solitude, gloom lurks behind the facade of normalcy; a hint of smile comes and passes, there remain the sighs and grunts. In the darkest depths of solitude, your ugliness is…

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